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LFC IA Utah Schools Program

Matt Brown, Principal Karen Gorringe, Hector Cortes

Terra Linda Elementary in West Jordan, Utah

Utah Schools and LFC IA Utah are a Winning Combination

As an official Youth Academy of the most successful English soccer club, we follow their time-tested curriculum, methods and values, and teach The Liverpool Way, which is based around the principles of Ambition, Commitment, Dignity and Unity. Although we have big partners, we are a local youth soccer club at heart that is dedicated to creating a supportive, positive environment. We are an organization which challenges youngsters to realize their potential by utilizing the power inside them to reach their goals. LFC IA Utah is committed to our players and the community. Our pledge is to always behave with character and quality, and to honor the history and traditions of Liverpool F.C. 

The aim of our Schools Program is to contribute value to the community by providing expertise and resources to local schools and children. We want to give the opportunity to all children to experience the beauty of soccer and all it can teach. We believe The Liverpool Way helps develop children in all aspects of life beyond soccer. We want students to understand the power they hold inside to be exceptional citizens in the community. Our four core values: Ambition, Commitment, Dignity and Unity will enrich children in all aspects of life beyond soccer and plant a seed to love the game.

LFC IA Utah will provide professionally trained coaches to come into local schools to teach the students and staff about soccer by delivering a fun soccer based curriculum to the students in a fun manner with loads of enthusiasm! The curriculum will use The Liverpool Way and its core values as a method to challenge and engage students physically, mentally and socially. This will develop self-confidence, teach various soccer related skills and plant a seed for the love of soccer. The program will be delivered in a FUN positive learning environment. LFC IA Utah will provide all the necessary equipment needed for the sessions with the students. We are very flexible in scheduling our program. We want this to be as easy as possible for schools. Ideally, we would like to infuse our program and sessions into the school’s existing schedule, causing minimal disruption to their existing daily routine.

The non-profit Schools Program will be hassle free for the schools at no cost.

For more information about the Schools Program please contact Matt Brown, our Schools Program Manager at:


Testimonial of Karen Gorringe, Principal of Terra Linda Elementary

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